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Five Hot Tips for Influencer Marketing

More and more companies are seeking to collaborate with influencers, whether as a campaign or in continuous collaboration over a longer period of time. Meanwhile, more and more budget is planned. The more relevant the influencer marketing becomes in the marketing mix of a company, the more important it is to make informed thoughts about approaches and the like. We give you five hot tips on what must be considered in influencer marketing.

Clearly define objectives in influencer marketing

Without goals, no success!

Strategic preparation, as with any marketing discipline, is the alpha and omega. Success can only be measured with a clear goal of working with influencers. Should a new product be promoted beyond reach of influencers and awareness generated? Or should the product also be sold via the influencers? These two scenarios are two completely different pairs of shoes and require different preparation and direction of the campaign.

First of all, goals have to be defined: Influencer marketing can strengthen the brand image, gain new followers for your own channels or generate more engagement. An increase in conversions is often the goal of influencer campaigns – again, it is important to define the intention exactly. Every objective requires an influencer-oriented strategy.
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Nano-Influencer, Micro-Influencer, Macro-Influencer or Mega-Influencer?

Approach the right contacts

The influencer scene is growing steadily. Meanwhile, a division of interesting contacts has been established in four categories:

Nano Influencer

This means the influencers with a relatively small range. The range may be limited or lower, but they score with higher authenticity and better engagement: Nano-Influencern trusts the community very strong.


In the micro sector, the number of fans and followers is usually in the four- to five-digit range. Often these influencers deal with a specific topic or stand for a specific topic – but that does not always have to be this way. In terms of content, micro-influencers offer a certain depth and are in exchange with their own community.

Macro Influencer

Anyone who has six or seven-digit follower numbers as an influencer belongs to the category of macro-influencers. The high range is certainly very interesting for many companies and advertisers, since many contacts can be reached with a message. The engagement rate is usually lower because of the size of these accounts than in the nano or micro area. Macro influencers are more frequently requested and booked for collaborations or partnerships of companies.


Asterisks, celebrities and celebrities whose own social media channels have high seven-digit subscribers numbers, we call mega-influencers. Their range is sometimes huge, but these contacts are very often occupied with advertising messages. Therefore, they are no longer authentic for some followers. Engagement is often lower than other influencers.

Depending on the strategic approach, different influencers have different objectives. A mixture of several categories can make sense in order to achieve positive results for your own brand. The collaboration can only be really precise with nano or micro influencers – it depends very much on the respective scenario and the desired effects. Basically, only brand-appropriate influencers from the right category should be chosen: Brand Fit goes before Reach!

Be where the influencers are

Find suitable partners on the right platforms

A few years ago, this marketing discipline was still referred to as Blogger Relations, Blogger Marketing or Blogger PR. The discipline involved working with people who run their own blogs and publish articles there. Even creators with high-reach accounts on the video platform were among them. Of course, these people, blogs & Co. have not disappeared, but the majority of exciting contacts are currently mainly on Instagram. Influencers feel right at home here – as do the users: over 15 million Germans are now active on the photo platform. Instagram is currently the most popular influencer channel in Germany! Due to the increasing number of users in Germany, this channel is particularly suitable as a venue. A campaign on Instagram has good chances to generate many visual contacts. This is true in the classic feed as in the Instagram stories.
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Personal communication also in the business

With friendly and sympathetic people you like to surround yourself. This also applies to communication with influencers! As professional as the industry may be by now, a nice word or other nicety in the right place can do little miracles. If a company really bothers, closely follows the channels of the influencer and integrates this into the communication, the chance of a successful cooperation increases. Carefully put together and focused on the influencer packages of test products trigger the influencer a small wow effect: A beautiful packaging, matched packaging material or a personally written card conjure the recipient sure a smile on the face. Therefore, one should never underestimate the effect of a personal package.

From Influencer Marketing to Influencer Relations

Good relationships want to be maintained!

Many companies see activities in the influencer area as a temporary campaign. Activation takes place over a set period, then companies and influencers go their separate ways. We think that’s a shame! Once contacts have been made and relationships with influencers built up, you should not just give up this new partnership. Maintaining the contact with the influencer permanently like a friendship, both sides can benefit sustainably. The influencer works with a suitable company partner at eye level. The company is gradually building up a true brand ambassador who not only reports to its community about a single collaboration on products or services, but continually creates multiple touchpoints. Sounds very good for everyone, right?
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Influencer Marketing & Relations at its best
Strategically thought out, flexibly implemented

Who is based on these tips, already does a lot of things right. Basically, depending on the objective of the influencer activities, the relevant influencers are selected from the mass of potential candidates – both campaign-related and permanent partnership. Thus, the chances are good to achieve the desired success in the right channel with the right address and to make influencer marketing more successful.

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